Gay Adults Can Laugh at Closeted Youths with The Straight Years Project (Photos)

Earlier this summer, we told you about The Awkward Years Project, a series of photos depicting confident, attractive adults holding up photos of themselves wearing braces in front of laser-beam backdrops from their awkward teen years. That series gave Shawn Hollenbach, social media manager for Logo TV, the idea to launch a companion piece called The Straight Years Project. In The Straight Years Project, gay adults contrast current photos with photos of themselves during their younger years in the closet. Each photo pairing comes with a hilarious caption and lets the viewer know, poignantly, how long the subject has been out of the closet.

According to the project site, they’re “highlighting the years where we tried so desperately to fit in with our bro clothes, using the “Bump It,” poorly styled fashion,” and don’t forget, “looking to score with the opposite sex.” Here are some of the brave souls who have shared their “straight years” with the world. All captions courtesy of The Straight Years Project.

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For more photos, and to submit yourself, visit The Straight Years Project on Tumblr. And check out more of Logo’s terrifically fun content on their site.


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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