Gay Bar to Straight Couples: No Kissing Allowed

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Hearing a story of a gay establishment discriminating against straight people is rare


So common are news stories of gay couples who can’t be gay. Which is to say, gay couples who aren’t allowed to hold hands, kiss and generally just be in the vicinity of overly sensitive heterosexual couples in public. Perhaps the fear is that their gay-ness is contagious (egads!)?

But now the tables have turned. At least at a gay bar in Copenhagen. The Never Mind bar has banned heterosexual couples from kissing, according to The Huffington Post (via Pink News). Perhaps because they don’t want their straight-ness to spread?

Jobbe Joller, the founder of a Denmark-based lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender advocacy group, Homosocialt Fællesskab, was at Never Mind when a bouncer there told a woman she was prohibited from kissing her boyfriend because that type of behavior was “unacceptable” at a gay place, and the bar receives “a lot of emails from its gay guests concerning the high number of straight guests that visit the bar.”

The bouncer said it is the decision of Never Mind’s owner who can and cannot kiss in the bar.

“I know that we need equal rights, but this is a gay bar,” Never Mind owner Christian Carlsen said in the Copenhagen Post. “The gays can’t go to so many other places to meet each other.”

While it is a shame that a group that seeks — and deserves — equal rights and treatment would not do and offer the same when the opportunity arises, there is a little satisfaction in knowing they might be giving some of their oppressors a taste of their own medicine.

On the other hand, what homophobic person would actually step foot in a gay bar?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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