Gay Dads Featured in ‘Wholesome’ Honey Maid Commercial Is a Homerun [VIDEO]


We’re starting to see more and more commercials that reflect what real American families look like.

Honey Maid’s new “This Is Wholesome” ad campaign features the changing faces of America’s modern families by depicting gay dads, single dads and punk dads as the true representation of “wholesome.”

Gay equals wholesome? Damn straight!

American parents are a melting pot of multiracial, gay, heterosexual, old, and young moms and dads, yet the reality isn’t often reflected on the commercials we watch.

Until now.

When I first saw the Honey Maid commercial on television I had to then go find it online so I could watch it again. It thrills me to my toes to see this kind of thing in heavy rotation while my kids watch TV. They get to grow up in a time when the reality of families in America is accurately reflected back to them. Hopefully, other companies will begin to follow suit.

The ad reminds me of the Cheerios commercial featuring a multiracial family that actually caused controversy. A beautiful family enjoying breakfast together is controversial? Oh, America — you so crazy.

Check out the awesome Honey Maid ad above, but whatever you do, don’t go read the YouTube comments. Because, as mentioned, America, you so crazy. And racist. And homophobic.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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