Gay Teen Sent To Fake Prom

constancex390Lesbian teen Constance McMillen won her day in court last month, but was still robbed of her chance to dance with her girlfriend at her high school prom.

The girls were misdirected by parents, other teens and school administrators to a fake prom at a local country club while her classmates partied at a secret prom organized by parents.

After a court told her high school they could not refuse to allow Constance to bring a female date to the prom, the district responded in a grounded, mature fashion by simply canceling the entire event.

They encouraged parents and community members to host a privately sponsored prom, with the idea that a private event would be allowed to discriminate against gay teens. Stay classy, Fulton Mississippi.

A judge declined to force the school to hold a prom, with the understanding that Constance and her date would be invited to whatever private event the school community put together. A problem the parents solved by arranging two events: one at the country club Constance was sent to, and another in a secret location.

Only seven students attended the “fake prom”. Two of them are students with learning disabilities. Constance, who seems to actually be a pretty classy person, said the best thing about the devious prom shenanigans was that those kids didn’t have to worry about being made fun of at their prom. “They had the time of their lives,” she told the Advocate.

I cannot imagine being one of the adults who participated in planning this prank. “I know, let’s trick the gay girls and send them to a fake prom!” What are you, 12? That’s a pathetic bullying tactic to squirm around a very clear court order against discrimination.

It’s one thing to be a kid and go along with a jerky move like that, but what about the adults who made it happen? How can you possibly graduate from high school, let alone parent a high school age kid, and not have a little more emotional maturity?

Happily, Constance seems to be taking this latest turn in her quest for a perfect prom night in stride. She’s a really impressive young woman. I’m impressed at the way she’s standing up for herself, her girlfriend and her civil rights as a lesbian. I look forward to seeing her continue to be an impressive advocate for gay rights.

Photo: The Advocate

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