Generation Y: Cheapsters or Just Extremely Frugal? (Video)

generation y cheapsters
Cheapsters or frugal?

Every generation has its hangups, right?

As a proud Gen X’er, my generation was branded lazy. Need proof? Look no further than the slackers represented in the movie “Reality Bites.”

Generation Y, according to this Good Morning America piece, has been dubbed “cheapsters,” as college kids are seen trying to get free meals, wearing secondhand clothes, and living the frugal life.

Let’s not forget they’re focusing on college students, who are, for the most part, often struggling to get by financially‚Ķ so is this attack at calling Gen Y cheap even accurate?

College student Will Thomasen may represent the extreme end of the spectrum, as he’s challenged himself with an eat-free-for-a-year mission and he’s succeeding in his quest.

He escapes the high cost of the North Carolina in Chapel Hill meal plan ($1,700 per semester), by checking out campus events that offer free food and raiding the refrigerator at the campus YMCA. Students leave food they don’t want, which sounds a bit iffy, but Thomasen finds the risk worth it, sharing, “The expiration dates help, and I usually do the smell test. I think that’s another thing we don’t realize. A lot of these are ‘sell by’ as opposed to ‘eat by,’ so they’re still good for a couple days afterward.”

Thomasen shares, “If there’s no moldy smell, or moldy look, you think, it’s OK, then it probably is OK. I haven’t gotten sick all semester.”

Some students may not go to those lengths, but Thomasen proves there is a method to his madness.

Is the economy to blame for the “cheapster” generation? Is it bad to be frugal?

I was a poor college student once I totally get it.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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