Georgia Woman Likened to a Stripper, Booted from Church for Breastfeeding (VIDEO)

Public breastfeeding
A Georgia woman says she was asked to not return to her church after breastfeeding her baby during a service

Nirvana Jennette was nursing her baby in church recently when she was asked to “cover up and go away” and move to the bathroom, according to (via

“I was going to church — it was a biker church of all places, and I thought we would be accepted,” she said.

According to the law in Georgia, which states, “A mother may breastfeed her baby in any location where she and the baby are authorized to be,” she should have been accepted.

To make matters worse, not only was she asked to leave church, but someone called her a “stripper” because she was breastfeeding, she says.

Nirvana says she tried speaking up.

“I tried many times to educate and talk to them, and let them know we are not second class citizens,” she said, according to “We deserve to be with everybody. It got heated he compared me to a stripper. I get upset just talking about it. He compared me to a stripper, and said breastfeeding is lude and should be covered up and put away.”

She was asked not to return to church.

Nirvana’s story has attracted attention from other breastfeeding advocates, and she and her supporters are planning a nurse-in protest on Monday, March 5, at 1 p.m. in five locations across Georgia.

Is it utterly absurd that Nirvana was booted from church for breastfeeding, or is it possible that there are just some places where, while legal, it isn’t exactly appropriate to eat (for a baby or an adult)?

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