Get Off Me! Study Reveals Top 10 Things Couples Argue About in the Bedroom

What's all the fighting about?

Look, I didn’t need a study to tell me there’s more fighting than sex going down in the bedroom.

My husband and I generally retire to different bedrooms at night because we simply cannot reconcile our sleeping requirements.

A new study shows we are not alone. Far from it, in fact.

The study, released last month in the UK, shows that couples argue in the bedroom an average of 167 times a year. That’s what? Um… Not so good at math but that’s a lot of fighting!

Now, as the Express reports, the couples surveyed are from the UK but I’m willing to wager American couples are no different.

So with one in 10 couples in Britain fighting at least twice a week over bedroom time, what exactly are the big bones of contention? Heh heh heh.  I said big bone. About a story in the bedroom. See why that’s funny? Because if this study is right there are probably no big bones in the bedroom. Because big bone means… WHAT? Not funny?


Anyway, here are the top 10 reasons the only bone in the bedroom at least twice a week is the big, bad bone of contention.

  • Snoring 1 of 10
    More than 20% of the couples in the survey say they lose two hours of sleep every night because of the noise. 10% even say they were even considering splitting up because of it. The worst noise in the world is snoring. If I can get to sleep before my husband kicks in I'm good, but when I get my one-year-old his midnight bottle and then try to get back to sleep I'm totally screwed. Don't believe me, I caught it all on video.
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  • Whether To Let The Kids Sleep In The Bed 2 of 10
    Whether To Let The Kids Sleep In The Bed
    Thankfully, this is not an issue I have a problem with, mainly because I was so sleep-deprived after giving birth I couldn't wait to get the kids sleeping on their own in their own rooms. However, I understand the desire for the "family bed" and feel for those couples sleeping with tiny feet in faces and groins.
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  • Not In The Mood For Sex 3 of 10
    Not In The Mood For Sex
    Oh boy. The big one. "Not tonight honey, I have a headache". Yeah, I don't have a whole lot to say about this one because, yeesh, I'm over here wondering if I'll ever be in the mood again so if this is an issue for you I feel your pain, man, I feel your pain. And so does my husband.
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  • Hogging Covers 4 of 10
    Hogging Covers
    Do not, I repeat DO NOT mess with my covers. I will cut a bitch. I don't care if you are the father of my children, leave my covers alone or I will suffocate you with the quickness. A lot of people feel the same way. Claire Haigh, for Premier Inn which carried out the poll, said: "A lot of people are seriously affected by snoring and hogging the duvet.
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  • Being Too Cold 5 of 10
    Being Too Cold
    My husband has to have a fan cranking to fall asleep, which, let's not even get into the noise this thing makes, it blows icy air on me all night long and, yes, this might be nice in the middle of August but January? Not so much.
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  • Being Too Hot 6 of 10
    Being Too Hot
    I am rarely too hot but I feel for the folks who have to battle significant others for control of the thermostat. There is nothing worse than trying to fall asleep in a pool of your own sweat while drops of the stuff trickle down your bum crack.
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  • When To Turn Off The Light And Go To Slep 7 of 10
    When To Turn Off The Light And Go To Slep
    Oh boy. I'm guessing a majority of couples struggle with this issue. Some people like to read before going to bed, some people like to decompress in a dark room. Me? I like to fall asleep to the dulcet tones of sitcom laugh tracks. Which brings me to the next bone of contention...
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  • Leaving The Light On 8 of 10
    Leaving The Light On
    I love falling asleep with the TV on. Nothing comforts me like hearing the laugh track of some crap sitcom while I float into dreamland. My husband, who likes to read before sleeping, cannot stand to hear the TV on while he's reading or while trying to sleep. You can imagine the dagger looks thrown across Ikea bedding we've exchanged over the years.
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  • Taking Up Too Much Of The Bed 9 of 10
    Taking Up Too Much Of The Bed
    Get off me! I like to sleep unfettered. Meaning, keep your big legs and arms off me. Who are you people who like to cuddle your way to sleep? I don't understand. Am I alone in my desperate desire for sleep autonomy?
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  • The Other Person’s Cold Feet Touching You 10 of 10
    The Other Person's Cold Feet Touching You
    Keep your icicles to yourself! Especially if you aren't diligent about toenail upkeep. Those daggers can seriously injure a delicate flower such as myself!
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