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Mickey Ears Balloons

I have a thing about balloons. Always have. And there’s no place better to find one than the happiest place on earth. Balloons always make me smile, and I love watching my kids’ faces light up when they get their balloons.

One of the things I’ve always appreciated about the balloons at Disneyland is their quality. We were noticing once how long they lasted, so we decided to see just how long. My son chose a red balloon, the one that has Mickey ears inside of another clear balloon. It lasted twelve days! Of course, your mileage may vary, but you get the point. Another thing I appreciate about Disney balloons is that cast members appear to have a generous policy for replacing balloons when they are lost, lose air or are damaged at the park.

Every time I go to the park I feel giddy just thinking about having another balloon picture opportunity. I know, I’m funny that way.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be in charge of balloons at Disneyland? Here’s a short video from the Disney Parks YouTube channel showing a balloon cast member’s point of view, along with some behind the scenes footage:


And be sure to check out my gallery of Disney balloons below:

  • Colorful Mickey Ears Balloons 1 of 11
    Colorful Mickey Ears Balloons
    As you can see, they come in all different colors.

    Photo credit: ©
  • Jack Skellington Balloons 2 of 11
    Jack Skellington Balloons
    These popular Timothy Burton-inspired balloons can be found during Halloween celebrations at Disneyland Park.

    Photo credit: ©
  • Mickey and Minnie Balloons 3 of 11
    Mickey and Minnie Balloons
    Mickey and Minnie are perennial favorites.

    Photo credit: ©
  • Mickey Ears Balloons in White 4 of 11
    Mickey Ears Balloons in White
    A bouquet of white Mickey balloons.

    Photo credit: ©
  • A Collection of Disney Characters 5 of 11
    A Collection of Disney Characters
    From Cars to Winnie the Pooh to princesses and more, you can find all kinds of favorite Disney character inspired balloons.

    Photo credit: ©
  • Disney Princess Balloons 6 of 11
    Disney Princess Balloons
    Lovely princesses. Photo credit: ©
  • Mickey Ears Balloon in Purple 7 of 11
    Mickey Ears Balloon in Purple
    The reflections in the balloons remind me of blowing bubbles.

    Photo credit: ©
  • Mickey and Minnie Balloons 8 of 11
    Mickey and Minnie Balloons
  • Cars Balloons 9 of 11
    Cars Balloons
    Best friends Lightning McQueen and Mater. (See my gallery of classic Disney Best Friends here)

    Photo credit: ©
  • Toy Story Balloons 10 of 11
    Toy Story Balloons
    Woody, Jesse, Trigger, and Buzz Lightyear at Disney's California Adventure Park.

    Photo credit: ©
  • More Mickey Ears Balloons 11 of 11
    More Mickey Ears Balloons
    These are my personal favorites. This is the type of balloon we used in our 12 day experiment.

    Photo credit: ©




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