Girl Catches Disney's Grammar Error

A smarty pants Texas 4th-grader on a trip to Florida’s Walt Disney World refused to let the happiest place on earth perpetuate the indignity of bad grammar.

While waiting in line for the Primeval Whirl, in the theme park’s Animal Kingdom, Hannah Estes spotted a sign that grated on her last nerve. After shaking it off, she took a picture with her pink princess phone (of course!).

Back at home, she fired off the photo and a message to company headquarters.

The offending sign, which counted down the wait time for the ride, read “one seconds.”

She told WESH-TV in Orlando, Fla.:

“Because I learned in Ms. Bennett’s class that a singular number can’t be with a plural word, and so that’s what it was, and it wasn’t right,” Hannah said.

Disney officials responded to Hannah Estes with a letter that assured her the sign would be fixed.

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