Girl Borrows Friend's Inhaler During Asthma Attack, Gets Expelled

An inhaler much like the one Alyssa McKinney shared with Breana Crites

Middle schoolers Breana Crites and Alyssa McKinney were in gym class in January when Crites suffered an asthma attack. McKinney, who also has asthma, lent her friend her inhaler.

The result? The school said the girls broke the district’s drug policy and the two girls were suspended for 10 days from Lewis-Palmer Middle School in Monument, Colorado. After the two weeks Mckinney was allowed to return to classes. Crites was expelled.

Calling the reaction “heavy-handed” both the girls and their families think the punishment is excessive.

“She should be back in school,” McKinney tells CBS4 in Denver

“I think absolutely the suspension was appropriate,” Superintendent John Borman says.

Sharing prescription drugs is forbidden and is explained in a a letter to the students. But, come on!. Why does it seem as if school officials are constantly leaving their brains out of the equation and blindly following policy instead of dealing with each circumstance as it comes along? It reminds me of the principal who suspended a 9-year-old who was overheard telling his friend the substitute teacher was “cute”.

The principal called it sexual harassment and, well, that’s against school policy. Ultimately he was forced to retire so at least someone in that district isn’t completely devoid of brains.

Are these policies not created to protect our children? Are these officials robots?  Can they not critically think beyond THE POLICY?  How do you not take the different circumstances of each scenario into consideration before handing down such ridiculous punishments? What McKinney did by sharing her inhaler was protecting her friend from harm. Does the school not encourage that? If I were the mother of Crites I would absolutely want her to share her inhaler with my daughter if she couldn’t breathe. Are these idiots not aware of the panic of not being able to breathe? And what if McKinney had flagged down a teacher. Would the teacher just stand there watching Crites gasp for breath while McKinney stood there holding the inhaler? I doubt it. She’d have given the kid the inhaler and would she then have been fired?

“The lesson that I learned from this is not to help people, because helping people is just going to get yourself in trouble,” McKinney said.

McKinney’s dad, Tim, says his daughter was allowed back because he raised hell with school official and says it’s absurd to expel Breana Crites in the last semester before high school.

“You work so hard your whole life to instill good morals into your children only for the school to break them.. What they both did was human nature. May daughter was being a good Samaritan. Her friend was having an asthma attack,” Tim said.

What do you think? Does it seem like all this policy nonsense is getting in the way of the thoughtful, effective leading of our students? Would you want a classmate to hand your child an inhaler if he or she was struggling to breathe?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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