Girl Plunges 18 Feet to the Ground While Climbing Rock Wall for Children (Video)

Do you let your children take part in parking lot carnivals? As a kid those were irresistible to me. I just knew if only my mom would let me spend an hour there it would be the best day of my life . She never caved to my pleas to ride the sketchy ferris wheel, but we did attend our state’s fair each year.

My parents would buy a book of tickets and set us loose. We would spend an afternoon making the rounds of all the rides, squeaking sounds and questionable 1-day assembly be damned.

Now, as an adult, you couldn’t get me on a carnival ride at gunpoint. Roller coasters? Swinging ships? No, thank you. But the rock climbing wall? There’s one I wouldn’t go near even as a child who believed themselves to be invincible.

A recent story about 11-year-old Emily Davis has reaffirmed my fear. On a family outing to a Marlins game, Emily was the first child to scale one of these walls which was supposedly set up for children. She made it almost to the very top of the wall when her harness failed and, as her father video-taped, she fell 18 feet to the ground.

Luckily, the girl is going to be all right, suffering a concussion and spending a few days in the hospital, but still, it calls into the question the safety of these mobile attractions.

Have a look at the video of Emily’s fall here and her family’s appearance on The Today Show:


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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