Girl Puts Grandma Up for Auction on eBay

post-it_note_for_saleMarian Goodall is a disabled 61-year-old grandmother who lives with her son’s family, but not everyone is so happy to pitch in and  help.

Her 10-year-old granddaughter recently tired of her “annoying” grandma’s moaning and requests to “make her a drink” and thought of a clever way to hand off the responsibility to someone else:  She put Grandma up for sale on eBay.

This could be one of those sad stories that make you wonder what’s wrong with people today, but it’s not.  The prank was all in good fun.

“I could hear Zoe asking mum lots of questions about her favourite drinks, food and height but I had no idea what she was doing,” Zoe’s dad Thomas Pemberton told the Daily Mail.  “She called me over, pressed the confirm button, and said, “I’ve put Nan on eBay”. I couldn’t believe it. I had no idea she knew how to do it. She had even got a picture of my mum….it certainly brought a smile to my mum’s face.”

In the ad — which was later taken down because it violates an eBay policy that doesn’t allow the sale of sweet and loving grandmothers — Zoe described her grandma as “annoying and moaning a lot,” but also that she’s “very cuddly and loves word searches.”

Bids went as high as $3276, though Goodall joked she was “worth millions.”  And while her granddaughter could certainly show a little more respect while Goodall recovers from knee surgery, at least they didn’t send her off to be cared for by Hal:

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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