Girls, 7, Share Lots (and Locks) of Love on Valentine's Day

This morning I jokingly made my husband return the chocolates he bought me for Valentine’s Day because they weren’t the right kind (well, it wasn’t a joke and I really made him return them, but it was a joke in that we really don’t care that much about Valentine’s Day).

Ever since I met my husband, I have my eye on the prize, and I recognize that Valentine’s Day is really quite silly, especially we really do our best try to show each other how deep our love is in little ways, and every day.

But being a new mom (again) made me a little more sentimental this Valentine’s Day.

And reading a story about how a 7-year-old girl cut off her hair for her best friend with cancer (via ABC News) really made me think about the meaning of today.

Kelsey McIsaac, 7, got a haircut today. Not just one hair. A foot of hair. And she donated it to Locks of Love so other girls like her best friend, Maddy Hunt, who suffers from leukemia, could have pretty wigs.

Maddy was diagnosed in 2009 and lost her hair from chemotherapy treatments.

The girls have been friends since preschool, and this was the best way Kelsey could think to help her.

On this Valentine’s Day, and every other day, I can’t think of a better reminder than this one from Kelsey to keep my eye on the prize, which is real and true love. And definitely not a silly box of chocolate.

Image: ABC News

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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