Girls Get Bikini Waxes at Age 11? Seriously?! (Video)

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At what age should girls get a bikini wax?

How young is too young for a bikini wax? That’s the question posed here, as Good Morning America looked at the trend of taking kids as young as 8 to spas and salons for a variety of services, including waxing.

While many will argue there’s nothing wrong with treating their little girl to a spa day, there’s something slightly disturbing about putting this much emphasis on beauty and… you know… not just letting kids be kids.

Why rush little girls into the mentality that spending hours at the salon or spa equals beauty?

Is it any wonder so many girls have body image issues?

The spa and salon trend is growing, as moms are taking their girls at younger ages and getting services beyond the mother/daughter mani/pedi or just having their hair styled.

Add massages, facials, full hair services (including chemical straightening wtf?) … and yes, waxing.

It’s troubling, to say the least.

What message are we sending to girls if we’re splurging on salon services to become beautiful? That you can’t be beautiful without getting a day full of expensive services?

One mom defends her 11-year-old getting a bikini wax by saying it’s a matter of hygiene.

Um. No.

She’s starting her young, you see, explaining, “I feel it’s part of hygiene… When it’s appropriate and they need to, they’ll be doing it.”

Let our little girls be little girls and show them that there’s more to being beautiful than getting facials and procedures to be hair-free.

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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