Girl's Skin Turning to Cowhide?

1234595_87250337Mermaid girl?  She’s real.  The baby with two faces?  She’s real too.

But the girl whose skin is supposedly turning into cowhide?  I call fake.  Take a look:


Not that the story isn’t plausible.  Metro UK is reporting that a small growth on Li Xiaoyuan’s back grew rapidly and now covers her back, arms, and face, making her skin look like the hide of a cow.

That I can believe.  There are plenty of weird and strange disorders out there.  But this picture?  Uh-uh.  A) That’s no six-year-old girl, and b)  PHOTOSHOPPED.

TLC may eventually prove me wrong with one of their notorious specials:  “Secrets of the Cow Hide Girl,” but until then you just can’t convince me that photo is real.

What do you think?  Real or fake?

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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