Go Green! 25 Totally Cool & Kooky Vintage St. Patricks Day Cards

There are several things that I am familiar with as being part of standard St. Patrick’s Days traditions. We wear green. We drink beer. We eat corned beef. But there was one tradition that I was completely oblivious to: the practice of sending a St. Paddy’s Day card. But apparently, once upon a time, this was a thing to do. I understand cards for birthdays and Christmas. But St. Patrick’s Day cards? Maybe it’s because I’m not Irish. Maybe it’s because the practice of sending out cards of any sort is becoming a thing of the past with so many people e-carding it out there. Maybe because there are not cards that say, “Don’t drink too much Guinness, eat too much corned beef and mistake that little man for a Leprechaun.”

But it’s an interesting genre of greeting cards, chock-full of cherub-cheeked children, shamrocks, and green, lots and lots of green.

Check out this collection of vintage St. Patrick’s Day cards right here:

  • The Smokin’ Irish 1 of 24
    The Smokin' Irish
    Here are two Irishmen sharing the flame for their "Peace Pipes." An odd card, and one that seems far disturbing that cheery.

    Image Source: Alphones Room

  • Shamrocks For Luck 2 of 24
    Shamrocks For Luck
    And this card has 'em! The couple are doing a jig with shamrocks surrounding them.

    Image Source: As the Clever Crow Flies

  • Let Erin Remember 3 of 24
    Let Erin Remember
    "Let Erin Remember/ A bunch of shamrock gay/For luck on St. Patrick's Day."

    Image Source PRZ

  • Yes, It’s Green 4 of 24
    Yes, It's Green
    "And it's green, O, the green shamrock." Is she the local clover dealer?

    Image Source: As the Clever Crow Flies

  • From the Ould Sod 5 of 24
    From the Ould Sod
    "St. Patrick's Day Greeting/ Oh! Steer my bark/ To Erin Isle/ For Erin is my Home." It's the homesick St. Paddy's Day card.

    Image Source: As the Clever Crow Flies

  • Let Erin Remember…Again 6 of 24
    Let Erin Remember...Again
    "What color should be seen/Where our father's homes have been/ But our own immortal Green." Some good old-fashioned Irish pride.

    Image Source: Flickr

  • The Weaning of the Green 7 of 24
    The Weaning of the Green
    Yes, this woman has the green thing GOING ON! Now that is embracing the whole St. Paddy's Day thing to the hilt.

    Image Source: Miss Mary

  • Window Shopping 8 of 24
    Window Shopping
    "The Top O' the Morning to You," a cheery Irish lass comes to greet us all at the window.

    Image Source: Weeping Cherries

  • Fond Memories 9 of 24
    Fond Memories
    A very sedate St. Patrick's Day for these two. Where are the pints?

    Image Source: Weeping Cherries

  • Offspring 10 of 24
    "Daughter fair and Sons true-hearted." Nice to hear their kids are well-behaved.

    Image Source: Weeping Cherries

  • Morn 11 of 24
    "The Morn's Morn to You." Lovin' the boy's outfit. Would your son ever wear that?

    Image Source: Weeping Cherries

  • A St. Patrick’s Day Souvenir 12 of 24
    A St. Patrick's Day Souvenir
    Now, she is quite a souvenir!

    Image Source: Alphones Room

  • A Jig 13 of 24
    A Jig
    Nothing like an Irish jig to celebrate the day. But his big bat makes me kinda nervous.

    Image Source: Alphones Room

  • A St. Paddy’s Wish 14 of 24
    A St. Paddy's Wish
    "Tis a bit of Blarney from dear Erin's Isle/ Wishing that fortune may on you smile.

    Image Source: Savebot

  • The Shamrock Ship 15 of 24
    The Shamrock Ship
    Now, that is a sweet ride.

    Image Source:

  • Kissing the Blarney Stone 16 of 24
    Kissing the Blarney Stone
    Taking a climb for some St. Paddy's Day luck.

    Image Source; PRZ

  • St. Patrick’s Rowing 17 of 24
    St. Patrick's Rowing
    Of course, the old tradition of going rowing on St. Patrick's Day. But it looks like the oar man had one too many and the boat is close to tipping over. PRZ
  • Chair Dancing 18 of 24
    Chair Dancing
    My instinct when seeing this card is to yell at this toddler "Get off that chair now! You'll fall." Especially with her shoe lace untied.

    Image Source: Ruby Lane

  • A Bit of Irish Sod 19 of 24
    A Bit of Irish Sod
    Yup, what else would you want with your beer and beef...some sod.

    Image Source: Squidoo

  • Babe 20 of 24
    And who doesn't love a card with a foxy lady on it, right?

    Image Source: Squidoo

  • Mid Century Charmer 21 of 24
    Mid Century Charmer
    Love this one. So mod.

    Image Source: Serpent Heart

  • Erin’ Go Bragh 22 of 24
    Erin' Go Bragh
    I'm sure many a man is happy this kind of style isn't popular anymore.

    Image Source: Alphones Room

  • He’s Got Harp 23 of 24
    He's Got  Harp
    He's got a harp, wears green tights and carries a big stick, he has it going on!

    Image Source: Alphones Room

  • A GIrl and Her Dog 24 of 24
    A GIrl and Her Dog
    Nothing says St. Paddy's Day more than a girl and her dog.

    Image Source:


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