"God Hates Fags" Church Plans to Picket Lesbian Teen's Graduation

Fred Phelps is planning to bring his hate show on the road to Mississippi to picket Constance McMillen’s high school graduation.

The students of Itawamba Regional High School and their parents sent Constance and her girlfriend to a fake prom last month while they partied at a secret prom thrown by parents.

After that stunt, someone might have thought those parents were the most immature bigots in the country. Phelps doesn’t want to let his rep slide, so he’s heading down to show them how pathetic adults can really be when they’re wrapped up in hate and attacking the vulnerable.

At least Constance is alive to defend herself. All to often, Phelps and his cronies grab cheap headlines by targeting funerals.

Constance is pretty great at self-defense, too.  She’s been a trooper through the whole long drama that surrounded her quest to bring her girl to prom, and extremely classy in her interviews on the subject.

Hopefully she’ll be able to see Phelps and his gang for what they are: the real live version of Internet trolls. They’re just there to feed off the energy of something powerful and interesting going on. In this case, what’s powerful and interesting is Constance McMillen. She’s an impressive young woman.

I hope she gets to enjoy her graduation in spite of the fireworks, and that Phelps and his gang can provide such a bad example of human behavior that the rest of the school will be shamed into a little human decency.

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