Good or Bad Idea? School to Ban Homework

iStock_000016891655XSmallMy daughter is so young that she has yet to get homework, though her school will start assigning that in a couple years. And boy, is she excited. I have a feeling the novelty will wear off, but for now I’ve been stressing to her to enjoy the freedom and family time she has at her disposal now before the worksheets and reports start. If she was a student at The Jane Austen Academy in Norwich, however, she wouldn’t have those homework assignments to look forward to, because the school plans on banning homework altogether.

The new middle and high school in the United Kingdom will open next September, and they plan instead on increasing the hours spent at school each day, having school end at 5 p.m., instead of sending kids home with more work.

According to¬†Metro, (via Digital Spy) ¬†Claire Heald, the prospective principal of the school, said: “Rather than setting homework that students could go home and struggle with, and where there may be limited access to computers, they will do that in the school day.”

They added, “We are saying that when they go home they should enjoy quality family time. There will not be any traditional homework and that has been really well received by parents who respect the fact that family time will be family time.”

The school may be in the United Kingdom, but the concept of reducing and perhaps getting rid of homework altogether is an intriguing one. The president of France would like to stop the practice of homework as part of his education reform as well. A German high school got rid of homework to help students “unwind.” And while it appears that the Europeans are embracing a homework-free education, there are some changes happening here in the States as well. For example, a Maryland school last year got rid of “busy work” and just asks for students to read for a half an hour at home.

Do you think that homework should be reduced or removed in our schools?

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