Google+ Adds New Features On 2nd Birthday

Google+ Turns 2, Adds New FeaturesHappy second birthday to Google+! In honor of the day, Google has FINALLY released a follow button perfect for placing on websites and blogs. And in an exceptionally cool move, you can easily add new follows to your circles or even create a new one, right in the button’s action.

Nice, right? In addition, Google has updated the page and profile badges as well. If you didn’t know there were page and profile badges, you aren’t alone; as much as I enjoy Google+ I haven’t seen those in use.

Google+ hangouts are my very favorite thing about Google+, allowing me to video chat with up to ten people at once. Seriously, I love this so much. It allows me to have “coffee klatches” with far flung friends and see their faces. With the latest changes to Google+ they’ve also added a stand-alone hangout app, hoping to combat issues folks have had with hangout due to multiple platforms and systems. The app is available in iOS, Android, and best of all (in my opinion) as a plugin for Chrome (definitely time to switch back to Chrome!).

Also, have you updated your Google+ cover photo to the new and bigger size? That change happened a bit ago, but is important considering the many changes happening (and I’m personally guilty of NOT updating mine!). My friend Lynette has my favorite fun cover photo on Google+ you can definitely get very creative with a photo that size!

So if you’re still slacking when it comes to Google+, it’s time to step up your game. After all, Google+ has a huge impact on search results these days; might as well take advantage of that, right?

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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