Google and the Self Driving Car

google self driving carMy husband has been ranting for the last few years about a self driving car. It never fails when we are in the car and in any type of tedious driving, the first thing that spills out of his mouth “when are the self driving cars coming”. And in all honesty, I typically do a quiet eye roll because driving cars? REALLY? There will be a maid robot before cars drive themselves.

And then this is where I get a pie slammed in my face. The self driving car thing IS happening and sooner than we think. Who better to create these cars, Chevy? Ford? uhmm…. try GOOGLE. Yes, Google is far in it’s development of self driving cars. So much so, check out this little demonstration:

Yes, I apologized to my husband. This Google project is already a few years in the works and by the looks of the video, while I am sure there are some quirks – the project as a whole is on it’s way to being a reality.

Now my mind can’t stop thinking of the things that I could be doing rather than driving and then thinking of all the lingering questions like “if there is a car wreck who is responsible?” “what will the legal self-driving age be?’.  The possibilities are endless. And to think of all the people who cannot drive, or have a difficult time driving due to a disability – WOW, talk about a whole new world!

Exciting times are ahead people. This is the world our kids will know. All that said, I’m still holding out hope for a robot that cleans.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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