Google + Adds Features in Google Reader; Reader and Gmail Get A Facelift

Among the trumpeting cries of “Google+ is failing!”, Google keeps making small changes to further incorporate the new social network into the rest of its products. One of those changes is infiltrating Google Reader with elements of Google+ along with a bunch of design changes for Google’s RSS feed reader.

According to the official Google Reader blog:

In the next week, we’ll be making some highly requested changes to Google Reader. First, we’re going to introduce a brand new design (like many of Google’s other products) that we hope you love. Second, we’re going to bring Reader and Google+ closer together, so you can share the best of your feeds with just the right circles.

Part of what this means is that you’ll no longer be able to friend or follow, etc, in Google Reader; instead this will just be an element of Google+’s social features. According to the official Google Reader blog:

As a result of these changes, we also think it’s important to clean things up a bit. Many of Reader’s social features will soon be available via Google+, so in a week’s time we’ll be retiring things like friending, following and shared link blogs inside of Reader.

It’s not terribly surprising that Google Reader is getting changed up; the site was in serious need of tune up. It looks like Google is rolling out these changes to their products a piece at a time; yesterday a video leaked of the new Gmail features (I got to see it before it was pulled; it’s gonna be pretty nice). Here’s what Google is saying about the Gmail changes:

That’s one of the reasons we’re embarking on a series of interface updates to help strip out unnecessary clutter and make Gmail as beautiful as it is powerful. This is part of a Google-wide effort to bring you an experience that’s more focused, elastic, and effortless across all of our products. The changes are not going to happen all at once. We know that you love and care about Gmail as much as we do, and we’ll be working on these upgrades gradually over the next few months to allow plenty of time to understand and incorporate your feedback into the evolving design.

I, for one, am quite looking forward to the changes. How about you?

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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