Google Doodle Logo Honors Roger Hargreaves, Mr. Men

Consider today’s Google doodle logo as a bit of a birthday present to Roger Hargreaves. The legendary British children’s book author and illustrator would have turned 76 today. Hargreaves is best known, of course, for his Mr. Men series which all began with a simple question asked by his 6-year-old son in 1971.

What does a tickle look like?

In drawing the answer, Hargreaves had his very first character, and in August of that year, six different books were published: Mr. Tickle, Mr. Greedy, Mr. Nosey, Mr. Happy, Mr. Bump and Mr. Sneeze. Impressive though the books were, no one could have ever guessed what was about to happen.

In the next 40 years, the Mr. Men series would become an empire. Ten years into that empire, the Mr. Men series became so popular that Hargreaves figured that it was time to share the love with the other gender, hence the Little Miss series became a part of the mix. So prolific was Hargreaves’ work that one Google doodle would hardly suffice in paying tribute to him. So Google users are treated to several different doodles each time they refresh the page.

Though I’ve always been familiar with and impressed by the iconic series, I just read a clip in the Telegraph that somehow furthered my admiration for Hargreaves and his work. The Mr. Men and Little Miss series has been adapted for TV, most recently appearing on Channel 5 in Great Britain in 2008 and 2009. More impressively, still, the series has sold over 100 million books in 28 different countries.

Sadly, Hargreaves died in 1988 after suffering a stroke. So who stepped up and continued the legacy? None other than the person who asked the question which started it all: Hargreaves’ son, Adam, who continues to write and illustrate the series.

While he continues to work on the Mr. Men series, Mr. Men, the Movie looks as if it’s about to arrive on the big screen. Twentieth Century Fox’s animation department is currently working on its adaptation of the series.

Image: Google

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