Kids Will Love Google’s Easter Eggs: 17 Secret Searches Full of Fun

The “Do a Barrel Roll” search was the first time I’d heard about Google’s hidden Easter eggs — secret search terms that are just plain fun.

Go ahead and try it: go to Google and search “do a barrel roll” and see what I mean! (But no worries- it’s not permanent.) Gather the fam around your laptop this morning and check out 16 more awesome secret searches below.

Please note that you might need to change your Google Instant search settings to be able to click the I’m Feeling Lucky button for some of these. It’s worth it!

1. Google Tilt: Search the term “askew” and you’ll get more than just the definition

2. Google Gravity: Search “Google gravity” and then click the I’m Feeling Lucky button. Whoa!

3. Google Sphere: Search “Google sphere” then click the I’m Feeling Lucky button. Yeah.

4. Ask Google “what is the loneliest number?”

5. Google Rainbow: Search “Google rainbow” and then click I’m Feeling Lucky. Can you see the rainbow?

6. Ask Google “where is Chuck Norris?” and click the I’m Feeling Lucky button.

7. Pig Latin Google: For some Pig Latin fun, Google “ooglegay igpay atinlay

8. Google Pacman: View the awesome Google Pacman Doodle by searching “Google Pacman” and click the I’m Feeling Lucky button. Use your arrows to play a real game!

9. Google Guitar: Search “Google guitar” and click I’m Feeling Lucky. Strum away with the musical Google Doodle to honor Les Paul’s 96th birthday.

10. Google Pirate: Arrr! Search “Google pirate” and click I’m Feeling Lucky. (This one made me giggle.)

11. Google Hacker: Google gets hacked! Type in “Google hacker” and then click I’m feeling lucky.

12. Google Loco: Search “Google loco” and uh, it gets a little crazy. (Try searching something now!)

13. Weenie Google: Search “weenie Google,” click the I’m Feeling Lucky button, and watch it shrink away!

14. Epic Google: Or, search “epic Google,”  click the I’m Feeling Lucky button, and see what you get.

15. Gothic Google: Feeling a bit dark? Search “Google gothic” and click the I’m Feeling Lucky button.

16. Google Flight Simulator: Enjoy the Flight Simulator when you go to Google Earth, click on Tools > Enter Flight Simulator and you’re off!

So, how long did you play Pacman? Know of any fun ones that I missed?

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