Google+ Gets a Redesign

google+ redesignGoogle+ gets a redesign! Gone are the large lists of posts and photos that filled the page from your random Google+ circles. Now you have an organized layout, similar to Pinterest and Facebook.   With tabs placed across the top of the page, you can visit specific Google+ circles. I have to say, I like it a lot!

The layout isn’t the only redesign element to Google+.  Hashtags have expanded.  Google is able to scan photo you upload and tag it appropriately.  That’s not it with photos either. With a new feature called Auto Enhance, Google will analyze and apply tweaks to your uploaded photos. Don’t worry, you can disable this feature. Other features include “Auto Awesome” which will detect the types of photos you are taking and make other improvements and adjustments like creating animated gifts and making auto panoramas and HDR photos, when the right kinds of pictures are uploaded.

google+ new layout

It will be interesting to see what tricks Google+ pulls out of their hat while they compete with the other social media big boys. While I am forcing myself to Google+ more – I find it totally annoying none of my IRL circle are on Google+. But I know the rules — I must be on Google+.  Bloggers – I am sure you have heard it before, “You much be on Google+” and I am here to let you hear it again. While I don’t see a ton of traffic from Google+ – you want Google to love you. In order for Google to love you, you must love Google.

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