Did Google Earth Street View Capture Childbirth?

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A graphic image of the birth of a hoax?

Google’s Street View, which aims to capture images of the bulk of planet earth — at human eye level, has (allegedly) netted some pretty wild images in its sweep of the inhabited parts of the world. If you don’t believe me, check out this tumblr blog, The Nine Eyes of Google Street View. There, some people with far more time than me, have combed Google’s Street View images and come up with the mundane (guy throwing up) to the painfully violent.

The latest sweet find is of a woman giving birth on a sidewalk.

You see a bit from the Google street car taking the images of Wilmdersdorf, Germany, a Smart car with an open door, and three people gathered on a sidewalk. There’s a woman kneeling, a woman on her back (legs bent and spread) and a man holding up what appears to be a newborn, the faint line of an umbilical cord stretching from the tiny infant back to the woman.

Ahhh, but there’s a twist. German media has reported that it’s a hoax. And sensible German commenters over at Gizmodo conclude the same, saying the image takes place across the street from a hospital, where no births had been reported.

Also, the building you see in the picture? That’s an ad agency. You know how creative types can get carried away with the message.

What is it with birth (or not) stunts these days?


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