Google’s Fun Gay Marriage Easter Egg and Their ‘Pinkwashing’ Plan

google gay prideYou know the folks at Google love a good Easter egg (a fun, surprise effect related to and caused by searching certain terms), and this month they’re celebrating marriage equality and Gay Pride (celebrated every June) with an Easter egg as gay as New York’s Easter parade.

Before I show you — wait for it! — if you want to check out the surprise yourself, Google something like “gay marriage” or “gay rights” and see what happens. Click here to open a new Google search box, then come back to this window. I’ll be here waiting for you.

Did you do it? Fun, right?! For those of you too lazy to do it yourself, there’s an image after the jump.

google's gay easter egg

As The TODAY Show noted in a post on their Tech blog, “it’s not Google’s first time vocalizing its support for marriage equality and LGBT rights. Basic versions of the rainbow design have been appearing since 2009, and there have also been many Google Doodles celebrating famous gay artists and icons, including Maurice Sendak, Keith Haring and Alan Turing.”

TODAY notes that Google has been anti-Prop 8 since 2008, and the company shows support at Pride parades all across the country. Google even calls its LGBTQ employees “Gayglers.” (Ha.) While some have criticized Google – a private company – for dipping more than a toe in the waters of public policy, they’re far from the only private company to publicly support gay rights. They are certainly one of the biggest and most visible, though, which is likely what wrankles those who have accused the company of “pinkwashing.”

As this piece on Salon notes, “In 2012, Google announced the launch of Legalize Love, a campaign which conflates public policy with HR in its aim to “decriminalize homosexuality and eliminate homophobia around the world.” …. a Google spokesman told reporters that the campaign would combat homophobia in countries with homophobic laws, so that employees could “have the same experience outside the office as they do in the office,” specifically citing Singapore and Poland.”

What do you think of Google’s open celebration of gay rights?

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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