Gorgeous New Ad for Marriage Equality Goes Viral [VIDEO]

GetUp! Australia's poignant marriage equality video hits all the right notes.

On the day after Thanksgiving, Get up! Australia released a video promoting marriage equality that beautifully and poignantly illustrates that marriage represents the culmination of love and commitment every couple might aspire to, not just those that fall under the narrow definition of “a man and a woman,” like the politicians keep flogging year after year.

As governments and people around the world struggle with the issue, GetUp! created the video to gloriously re-frame the debate—not as an issue of rights that are to be demanded so much, but as an issue of a couple’s commitment to each other being hindered by the status quo. As the campaign simply states, “It’s time. Stop marriage discrimination.”

With almost 3 million views on YouTube in less than a week, the  message has struck a chord with people and spread well beyond the Australian audience it was intended for. See the video after the jump.


The Advocate online reports that polls in Australia currently show that two-thirds of the voting population are in favor of marriage equality in the country. Despite those figures, Prime Minister Julia Gillard will not change her personal stance that “the institution of marriage has come to have a particular meaning and standing in our culture and nation and that should continue unchanged.”

The ad was created to help garner support for changing Australia’s Marriage Act, which defines marriage as between a man and a woman. Change could happen as soon as Saturday, as the country’s Labor Party convenes to discuss the definition of the Marriage Act and whether or not it needs to be changed.

For more information read The Advocate’s “It’s Time: The Making of a Viral Video Love Story.

Did you cry at the end, like I did? Are you ready for the world to change the definition of marriage to one that focuses more on the love and commitment than on the gender of the participants?

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