Got Sense of Humor? Sexist New 'Got Milk?' Site Pokes Fun at Women With PMS

Got Milk
How much of a funny bone do you have about PMS?

How funny is PMS to you? And how much do you enjoy people laughing at you, not with you?

How you answer those questions will likely help determine what you think of a new website launched by the California milk processor folks, who are also behind the “Got Milk?” campaign.

The site, called “Everything I Do Is Wrong,” is billed as “Your Home for PMS Management” and shows a cowering-looking man holding milk cartons and the caption, “I apologize for letting you misinterpret what I was saying.”

There are a few images or lines on the site that are chuckle-inducing, but here’s another question: Will seeing sexist stereotypes of PMS really induce you to drink more milk, or will it make you lactose intolerant?

Littering a site with men poking fun at PMS is probably funnier to men than women, which might offset the point of the site, which is to encourage women to drink more milk as a cure for menstrual problems.

Other aspects of the site include a feature that lets men create apology pictures (“Give yourself a face that’s hard to stay mad at”) using the “Puppy Dog-Eye-Zer,” as well as an “emergency milk locator,” in which you can enter a zip code for the closest grocery store. And then there’s a “Mistake Verification System,” where men can type in what they “think” they did wrong, and a section of “pre-approved apologies.”

I’m all for people who want to help women get some relief from menstrual cramps, and I’m all for irreverent humor, but I think this site misses the mark by a few miles. It’s aimed at men and makes fun of a touchy and often miserable part of women’s lives by using the lamest and oldest stereotypes of bitchy, irrational and unpredictable women – what’s so funny about that when you’re in genuine need of some help? I’m willing to bet the site is taken down before it’s up for too long.

The site, which was created by the people who started the national “Got Milk?” ad campaign, refers to a study from 2005 that says calcium can alleviate PMS symptoms.

Do you think the site feeds into the stereotypes of women as irrational PMS sufferers, or is it funny and will it actually benefit women by encouraging them to take in more calcium?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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