Grab a Kleenex: Dying Dad Walks His 11-Year-Old Daughter Down the Aisle [VIDEO]

Josie Zetz isn’t getting married. Well, not anytime soon, anyway. And yet the 11-year-old will probably have a hard time ever topping the wedding she co-starred in last month.

Her dad, Jim Zetz, 62, is in the throes of Stage-4 pancreatic cancer. Devastated that he likely won’t be around for her wedding, he did something to make sure she could still experience some of the joy: He staged a wedding where he actually walked her down the aisle.

According to Radar Online, on March 14 in the backyard of their home in Murrieta, Calif., Jim surprised Josie with a wedding dress in her size, gave her a ring, and had a family pastor pronounce them “daddy and daughter.”

A photographer volunteered her services — and also got some vendors in the wedding industry to donate everything else needed for a memorable day, including a cake, flowers, catering, and hair and makeup styling for Josie.

When the photographer, Lindsey Villatoro, posted Vimeo footage last week, called “Walk me down the aisle, Daddy,” it spread like Internet wildfire.

Jim is quote as saying: “Down the road, this will mean a lot to [Josie]. She will always remember it.”

To those of us who’ve had the great, good fortune to have our dads walk us down the aisle, and to those who dream of the day when we will walk our own daughters down the aisle, this gift from Jim to Josie is that much more touching and heartbreaking at the same time.

Video credit: YouTube


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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