Graffiti For The Masses, Especially Kids (PHOTOS)

I try to encourage my kids to think outside the box whenever I can.

While driving, we point out clouds and tell each other what we think they are.

“There’s a flower cloud! That one’s an elephant! Look! It’s Buzz Lightyear!”

We do the same thing while on walks. These trees are umbrellas keeping us dry from the rain. Those tall corn stalks look like marching soldiers. The road looks like a gray ribbon.

I want them to see things with a creative eye, so when I stumbled onto OaKoAk, my mind was blown and I couldn’t wait to share the photos with my kids. Who knew graffiti could be so kid-friendly? So hilarious? And inspiring. Such a lesson in finding the beauty or the story in everyday objects.

OaKoAk is like Bansky. But with more imagination. And it’s clever. That’s how I’d describe the brilliant French street artist. Unlike Banksy, his art isn’t a commentary on politics. He’s actually more like a comedian. A clever, creative comedian.

He sees everyday items in ways you and I would never think of, then adds a few touches that end up making us laugh, think, and even inspire us to open our eyes to objects we would otherwise deem boring.

According to The Outsiders, he is completely untrained in art and works full-time in an office. He tells the site, “I saw shapes everywhere, and wanted to realise them.”

Realize them he has.

All photos used with permission from OaKoAk whose incredible work you can check out over on

  • The World of OaKoAk 1 of 26
  • Hold Still 2 of 26

    Perfectly brilliant.

    Image source:

  • Calvin and Hobbes 3 of 26

    I want to do this in my kids' rooms. I wonder how much it would cost to bring OaKoAk over from France.

    Image source:

  • Roar 4 of 26

    I am seeing faces in everything now after spending time looking at OaKoAk's stuff.

    Image source:

  • King Kong 5 of 26

    I mean, that is totally the Empire State Building, right? But you would never have thought so until now.

    Image source:

  • Hold On Tight! 6 of 26

    Remember Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom? I totally wanted to do this.

    Image source:

  • Bow-Wow 7 of 26

    This is one of his best. So simple but so creative.

    Image source:

  • Help! 8 of 26

    I really want to help this poor guy!

    Image source:

  • Behind Bars 9 of 26

    How ugly is this building? But how many people smile when they walk past?

    Image source:

  • Lightning Strike 10 of 26

    Crack to lightning strike in seconds.

    Image source:

  • Robot 11 of 26

    I just want to, like, mail all the things!

    Image source:

  • Chia Pet 12 of 26

    I love how most of OaKoAk's characters are happy.

    Image source:

  • Wind Up Toy 13 of 26

    This one took me a couple seconds and then I was like, Oh yeah! How creative is that? Would you have ever looked at those and thought of a wind-up toy?

    Image source:

  • Happy Whale 14 of 26

    He's just so happy it's infectious.

    Image source:

  • Toast’s Ready 15 of 26

    Butter or honey? Both? Me too.

    Image source:

  • Beam Me Up 16 of 26

    They come in peace?

    Image source:

  • Hulk Hands 17 of 26

    The Hulk is mad.

    Image source:

  • Snail Trail 18 of 26

    I want to be its friend.

    Image source:

  • Up 19 of 26

    Doesn't it just make you so happy?

    Image source:

  • It’s Coming 20 of 26

    So yeah. Pretty sinister for the little ones, but how fantastic is this? Not really any worse than some of the villains the folks at Disney have dreamed up.

    Image source:

  • Zebra 21 of 26

    I'll never again walk down a street and look at things in the same way.

    Image source:

  • The Scream 22 of 26

    Totally amazing. A damn cinderblock!

    Image source:

  • Long Journey 23 of 26

    Just a crack in the wall. Now it's a landscape.

    Image source:

  • Stressed Dino 24 of 26

    I totally want to give this worried guy a back rub.

    Image source:

  • Balance 25 of 26

    Eyes, nose. whiskers and a basketball. And yet it's stunning.

    Image source:

  • Chuck Was Here 26 of 26

    Okay so this one isn't necessarily for the kids, but it made me laugh so hard I had to add it onto the end here.

    Image source:

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