Grandma Delivers Baby, Keeps Basting Turkey

turkey-baby-costume-wtf-costumes-woman-delivers-grandchild-bastes-turkeySeriously, it’s just a baby. No need to go ruining the nation’s greatest holiday over a little thing like unexpected labor and childbirth!

Boston grandmother Patricia McCalop had already loaded a stuffed turkey in the oven when her daughter, 38 weeks pregnant, went into labor. McCalop called 911 once they realized what was going on. The dispatcher talked the mother-daughter pair through the quick and problem-free delivery.

Between contractions, and while waiting for paramedics to arrive, McCalop tended to the bird, basting it in its own juices to ensure moist tenderness in every bite.

Once the baby was born and it was clear that her new grand-daughter was breathing on her own, McCalop’s full attention went back to the bird.

Here’s what Africa McCalop told the Boston Herald [via MSNBC]:

“I’m like, ‘What are you doing with the turkey? We got the baby,'” Africa McCalop told the Boston Herald. “She didn’t know what to do. She’s like, ‘I got to go get the turkey baster.’ I’m like, ‘For what?'”

The six-pound baby and mom, Africa McCalop, are doing fine. No word on how the turkey turned out but I’m guessing it was succulent.

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