Great or Gross? Unique Baby Keepsakes from Placenta Art to Breastmilk Jewelry

Most mothers want to remember the special, warm years from gestation and birth through the infancy of their children, but are some baby keepsakes a little grosser than the rest? I kept my daughter’s hospital bracelet and a few drawers of her baby blankets and clothes, but that’s about it. If you’re a super sentimental or uber-crunchy mom, though, there are plenty of unique baby keepsake options out there for you like the ones found below, many of which involve preserving shed body parts or fluids. They’re all lovely, if you can get past the ick factor, that is. Take a look:

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  • Pregnancy Test Keepsake Pouch 2 of 12
    Pregnancy Test Keepsake Pouch
    Because who doesn't want to look back on something they've peed on? Available from ept.
  • Placenta Art 3 of 12
    Placenta Art
    No, that's not paint. It's blood. Cool. Placenta art may be less creepy than this placenta teddy bear, though.
    Photo credit: Flickr user pierrotsomepeople.
  • Umbilical Cord Stump 4 of 12
    Umbilical Cord Stump
    Some folks just save the stump in a little box, while others make umbilical cord heart art.
    Photo credit: Flickr user 150hp.
  • Placenta Pendant 5 of 12
    Placenta Pendant
    Again, no one has to know, but I mean... yeah.
    Available from Kelly Wise on etsy. Contact for pricing. Photo used with permission.
  • Breastmilk Pendant 6 of 12
    Breastmilk Pendant
    Send your breastmilk to the artist by mail and she will craft you a beautiful necklace made from bodily fluids. The necklace is lovely, and of course no one has to know it's made from milk besides you, but I don't think I'd be into wearing body fluids. You?
    Available from MommyMilk on etsy for $89. Photo used with permission.
  • Breastmilk Bracelet 7 of 12
    Breastmilk Bracelet
    In case you'd rather wear a vile of blood around your neck like Angelina Jolie used to...
    Available from hollyday27 on etsy for $72. Photo used with permission.
  • Baby Hair Keepsake 8 of 12
    Baby Hair Keepsake
    Hang what's left of baby's first haircut in your kitchen window for all to see. Just don't be surprised if someone asks you if you're a witch.
    Available from PhotoExpressions on etsy for $32. Photo used with permission.
  • Bronzed Pacifier 9 of 12
    Bronzed Pacifier
    You know that thing you worked so hard to get your baby to stop sucking on? Why not keep it to remind yourself of how it was the bane of your existence after a while?
    Available from R.L. Hume Award Company. Photo used with permission.
  • Baby’s First … Sneaker? 10 of 12
    Baby's First ... Sneaker?
    Old-fashioned bronzed baby shoes may have a sort of kitschy appeal, but you can also bronze baby's first sneaker. Just Do It! Just maybe wash them first.
    Available from R.L. Hume Award Company. Photo used with permission.
  • Teeth Earrings, Anyone? 11 of 12
    Teeth Earrings, Anyone?
    Hey - it's not weird that you saved all of your baby's teeth to make into dangle earrings! It might make you look like a voodoo doctor, but we get it. You love your kid! Susan Sarandon wears her childrens' teeth, too.
    Available from le knockout. Contact for pricing.
  • Tooth Pendant 12 of 12
    Tooth Pendant
    For that big molar that took forever to come out.
    Available from napotterystudio on etsy for $23.50. Photo used with permission.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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