Greatest (or at Least Cleverest) Dad — Ever? — Builds 2,000-Foot-Long Hot Wheels Track [VIDEO]

Hot Wheels
Hopefully these boys know how fortunate they are to have been born to their dad

Think you’re a good dad because you took your kids camping this summer? Because you take out the trash without being asked? Because you step effortlessly between a tea party with stuffed bunnies to a game of cowboys and Indians?

Well, no offense, but you have nothing on the dad in this video. He built a 2,000-foot-long Hot Wheels track in and around his house for his kids. He used everyday household items (think tissues boxes, toilet paper holders and plastic bins) for course support. The result is spectacular, even if toy cars or the real things aren’t your thing.

Yahoo Sports figured out that by using the typical 1/64 ratio of a Hot Wheels car, what this dad built is actually the equivalent of a 24-mile-long race track.

By the way, part of what puts this dad in contention for the greatest ever? At the end of the astonishing video, he asks viewers to consider donating to a muscular dystrophy nonprofit that is near and dear to his heart. (Which you can learn more about here.)

Check out the Match Box car do it’s very, very long, cool thing on a very, very long, cool track:


Image/Video: YouTube

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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