Guy Wins Mother's Day Discrimination Suit

mr-momSo you thought Mother’s Day was just for people who were actually, well, mothers? Not according to this guy: Alfred Rava sued the Oakland A’s baseball franchise for discrimination because they wouldn’t give him a plaid reversible bucket hat as part of their Mother’s Day promotion.

No, Rava isn’t gay and trying to prove guys could be mothers too. He’s just a boneheaded lawyer who wanted his $20,000 fee for representing “the masses” in a class action suit.

Typical. This is actually Rava’s second attempt to blow the lid off free lids for moms. His first, a suit against the Angels of Anaheim for giving women over eighteen tote bags as part of a Mother’s Day celebration, was thrown out by a judge who said the set-up of the giveaway was “reasonable under the circumstances.” Those being limiting a Mother’s Day gift to people who could actually MOTHER.

He ruined it for us anyway. The Angels have opted to stop doing male or female specific giveaways, so the number of “freebies” will be spread out to the first X number of fans rather then the first X number of female fans for Mother’s Day, the first X number of male fans for Father’s Day.

And the A’s have to actually pay up, a total of $250,000 to be spread in $100 increments to all men “denied” their rights to a free plaid reversible hat who can prove they were there. And, of course, Rava walks away with a cool $20,000 for his antics work.

Is there anyone else who is actually insulted by the notion of giving moms a gift on Mother’s Day? Maybe we young moms (and dads) should sue the ballparks for Old Timers’ Day . . . and demand we get a senior citizen discount. After all, Major League Baseball is being agest.

Lest you think I jest, here’s what’s next for Rava: he’s arguing that the new ruling, handing out X number of pink tote bags on Mother’s Day THIS year to both men and women was discriminatory toward people seventeen and younger:

“”By looking at the bag, you can see a 17-year-old male or female would be just as happy with it as an 18-year-old male or female,” he said.”

What about a teenage girl who hates pink?

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