Gwen Stefani's New Harajuku Mini Line for Target: Yay or Nay? (Images)

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From Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Mini line for Target

I stopped by Target yesterday morning to pick up some paper towels, toilet paper and self-esteem legwarmers, and I noticed this great sweatshirt in the girls clothing section with a chain and anchor motif in primary colors. I was drawn to it because it had a gender-neutral 70’s vibe that I found extremely stylish. When I went to check the price, I noticed the tag had Gwen Stefani’s face on it. Then I laid eyes on the sweatshirt next to it, covered in a bright mermaid print, and I got sucked in. T-shirts, pants, skirts, all very cute, but sloppily sewn, most items made in China or Guatemala. Some of the cuts were a bit risque for little girls. I was all up in the Harajuku Mini line, “inspired by the cool kaleidoscope of colorful styles found on the streets of Harajuku, Japan.”

Stefani (or her price tags, anyway) tells girls, “Be the fashion know-it-all you were born to be.” I may not have the most developed sense of style in the world, but I have learned a thing or two about fashion over the years, one of those things being that at least half of what makes clothing sell is branding. (Woman cannot live on style alone. The devil is in the designer. Do I really want my 6-year-old to be a label lover?)

So I asked myself, as I held up a tee featuring a mermaid with a gorgeous afro, “If this flimsy bit of cotton – which was likely assembled in a sweatshop – was not designed by a pop star/fashion icon, would you even think of buying it?” The answer was no, and I was able to walk away empty-handed.

Take a look at the collection and ask yourself the same question, then let me know what you think:

  • Anchor Zip-Up Hoodie 1 of 15
    Anchor Zip-Up Hoodie
    This is the sweatshirt that drew me to the collection. Love the print, love the colors, love the bold 70s vibe. Reminds me of a lot of the stuff I wore when I was little, before girls were pinkmatized. $19.99
  • Anchor Stripe Asymmetrical Dress 2 of 15
    Anchor Stripe Asymmetrical Dress
    Saw this in-store and couldn't believe the cut was being sold in sizes as small as 4. $16.99
  • Mermaid Zip-Up Hoodie 3 of 15
    Mermaid Zip-Up Hoodie
    I really considered buying this one because I think my daughter would love it, but the print had a little bleed around the edges and the Harajuku Mini logo is all over it. $19.99
  • Mermaid Flutter Tee 4 of 15
    Mermaid Flutter Tee
    I sort of like that fluorescent colors are coming back (for adults, too), but the seams were so crooked on all of these, I just couldn't justify spending the money. $12.99
  • Pirate Pants 5 of 15
    Pirate Pants
    These are really fun and could work for both school and costume dress-up. $16.99
  • Stripe Bubble Scooter 6 of 15
    Stripe Bubble Scooter
    Can't imagine dressing my kid in this without leggings underneath. It's pretty short. $14.99
  • Stripe Scoop Tee 7 of 15
    Stripe Scoop Tee
    I don't even know if I like this design. I can't tell! I can hardly see... $12.99
  • Star Maxi Skirt 8 of 15
    Star Maxi Skirt
    Saw this in-store, thought about buying it, but then thought, "Do I like this?" Again, it's hard to tell. Hip? Frumpy? Both?
  • Blazer 9 of 15
    This looks great in the photo, but I'm not sure the cotton/poly blend would lay right in real life. $24.99
  • Sleeveless Anchor Stripe Bubble Dress 10 of 15
    Sleeveless Anchor Stripe Bubble Dress
    I hate this. The cut is too risque, the design is awful, the print is ugly. But if you like it, you can get it for $19.99!
  • Polka Dot Denim Pant 11 of 15
    Polka Dot Denim Pant
    I liked the look of these jeans on the rack, but the cut is a bit too "skinny" for my taste. I'm always weirded out by the look of skinny kid legs in skinny jeans. $19.99
  • Stars Zip-Up Hoodie 12 of 15
    Stars Zip-Up Hoodie
    A cute staple. And at $19.99, it compares with most sweatshirts you'd find at Target from other brands.
  • Short-Sleeve Polka Dot Dress 13 of 15
    Short-Sleeve Polka Dot Dress
    I want this to be cute, but the sleeves are wrong. And the material looked cheap on the rack. $24.99
  • Majorette Jacket 14 of 15
    Majorette Jacket
    I adore the look of this. Funky, but age appropriate for my 6-year-old. I didn't see it in-store yesterday, but it's $24.99 and I would consider buying it online. Based on the sloppy sewing I saw first-hand yesterday though, I wouldn't be surprised if I was disappointed with the quality once it arrived.
  • Anchor Stripe Asymmetrical Dress 15 of 15
    Anchor Stripe Asymmetrical Dress
    Same as the striped version from before, but somehow looks even more clingy and adult. I wouldn't let my daughter wear this til she was 21. $16.99

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