H.S. Cheerleader Records Coach's Epic Rant at Girls Calling Them Heifers (Video)

Watch the video below and tell me if you'd want that coach teaching your teen.

This post began as a straight news story about a female cheer coach who was fired after one of the girls recorded her screaming at cheerleaders and calling them heifers.

But the comments following the video that contains the coach screaming ended up surprising me more than the video itself.

Here’s what happened as first reported by Houston’s KPRC. A Cypress Woods High coach was recorded by a student screaming at the girls:

“Who do you think you all are?” the coach said in the recording. “Highfalutin heifers. You can just come and go as you please. Fire me!”

As Cameron Smith over at Yahoo Sports, says, “The “heifers” line was part of a much longer screed the coach made against her team, with the cheerleader who recorded the rant claiming it was just one of a number of aggressive rants the coach had launched against the team.”

The 11th grader who made the recording remains unidentified. But her father, Abel Oliveres, says he told her to record the teacher after his daughter complained that the teacher screamed at them all the time. So she did. The cheer coach was fired, but the 11th grader received two days of detention for recording the rant on school property and sharing the recording with friends.

Oliveres isn’t pleased with the discipline handed down but notes that it’s worth it because the teacher was removed. “They’re supposed to be there to learn, feel safe, feel that the teacher is going to have a high standard, just like they’re expected to do,” Abel Olivares told KPRC. “If nothing else, that audio protects another kid from being yelled at or verbally abused, then you did a good thing.”

Whether or not the student should be disciplined is one thing, (I happen to believe she should NOT be disciplined) but the overriding opinion of people who left comments after hearing audio of this coach screaming on Yahoo Sports is another thing.  They are in favor of the teacher. Granted, I didn’t read the nearly 9,000 comments, but here are just a few:

Cypress is a very weathy area in Houston. I’m not suprised to see rich pretentious snobs getting their way, though it does make me sick.

Sounds to me like these kids think they can say and do whatever they want and the coach had enough of it. Dad said he told her to record the coach due to previous verbal abuses. Of course he only had one side of the story. Wonder how the girls were acting and possibly disrespecting the coach to push her to this point of yelling?

When I was in high school a teacher told me I was only good for 2 things: Good for nothing and good for a bad example. All of the other kids laughed and that was the end of it. If I would have gone home and complained my parents would have thumped me. How times have changed.

The pussification of America continues………………..

If this gets you fired, My coaches qualified for the death penalty… and i thank every one of them!

Dude, if your not raising your kid with thick enough skin to take a verbal rant from a cheer coach, daddy’s little girl is going to have a helluva time in the real world…The wussification of America continues.

Teachers should be able to start recording thier classes or sessions to catch students in the act.

The pussification of America? Is that how we want to teach our children? Screaming at them at the tops of our lungs and calling them fat? Yeah, I know kids, high school girls in particular, can be snotty a-holes, but is this how we set an example?

Apparently I’m in the minority in thinking this coach crossed a line. What do you think? Listen to the audio below and tell me if you’d want that woman instructing your very impressionable teenage daughter.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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