Ha Ha H . . .Oh! Clever Letter Makes it Easy for Santa By Simply Offering an Amazon Link

You can argue that Christmas has become too commercial. That it’s no longer about celebrating the birth of Jesus and instead it’s one big commercial for smart TVs and Big Hug Elmo dolls.

Sure, some people display nativity scenes on their mantles or attend midnight mass, but with a glaring spotlight on getting the best Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals — to the extent that people are literally dying so others can get a $50 discount — it’s hard to see through the elf on the shelf to the core purpose of Christmas.

One of the few remaining, meaningful gestures at Christmastime seems to be a child’s letter to Santa. The cuteness will break your heart when you read the earnest scrawls of kids trying to tell the big guy that they’ve been good, they didn’t hit their little sister, they usually clean their room, and therefore please bring some Star Wars Legos on Christmas morning.

Except then you remember that all of the magic from Christmas is gone. Because it just is. Particularly when someone writes a letter to Santa and dispenses with the niceties and just includes an Amazon link (to this remote-control car).

Sure, it’s practical (imagine all the letters Santa gets and all the reading and remembering he has to do). It’s also clever, funny and cute. But it’s hardly a love letter to Jesus on his birthday. No, the Dear Santa Amazon letter (the original of which can be found here) is all the evidence you need that Christmas is over.

The letter is real (because in the immortal words of my mom, “it’s real something“) in that it’s a very real — and really funny — commentary on the fakeness of the season.

R.I.P. Christmas. Although we’re still sending out happy birthday wishes to Jesus anyway (especially since we got a coupon code for free shipping).

Source: The Huffington Post

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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