Halloween: A Reason to Bring Role-playing into the Bedroom

In life we are always told to never be someone we aren’t. I have come to learn that there are two exceptions to this, however; Halloween and in the bedroom.

Many couples enjoy engaging in a little role-playing from time to time, while some of us are a little hesitant to try out our acting abilities on our spouse. But if you’ve always wanted to give role-playing a try, Halloween just might be the perfect day.

Halloween is the day people are expected to wear something they wouldn’t normally and oftentimes they “get into character” too. Wear something you feel a little sexy in and talk differently than you normally would and no one will think anything of it because it’s Halloween.

So this year, after you put the kids to sleep keep the costumes on and head for the bedroom to play “doctor” or whatever else you can dream up for the night! More Halloween role-playing tips here.


What do you think of bringing role-playing into the bedroom?


Photo Source: Costume Craze


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