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Free Halloween Activities to Entertain the Kids All Weekend

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Happy Halloween from all of us here at Strollerderby!

If you’re like me, you fritter over your kid’s Halloween costume, making sure they look as close to perfect as they can before they head out into the world all dressed up to devour candy and treats.  But donning costumes and swallowing candy aren’t the only ways to have fun this weekend.  For those of you looking for other ways to have a ghoulishly good time with the kids, here are a few ideas:

1.) Take a trip to the cemetery.  Especially if there’s a colonial or pioneer cemetery in your town.  The old graves are often weathered and tilted, which is just spooky enough for youngsters – and your visit can be educational, too.  You can talk about the founders of your town, what life was like centuries ago – and even try to explain what war means if you come across a veteran’s stone – although good luck with that one.  My daughter and I just had that conversation last week.  (It went something like, “Well, wars happen when people fight over land or ideas.”  “Why would they do that?”  “I don’t know, sweetie.  Because they’re boys?”)  Plus, I’ve always found cemetaries to be really peaceful, lovely places to walk through during the day, especially if they’re beautifully landscaped.

2.) Read Halloween books!  Some Halloween books my 5-year-old loves are Happy Halloween, Curious George and We’re Off To Find the Witch’s House, which is honestly one of the greatest children’s books I’ve ever read.  My daughter has memorized the whole thing, and I love watching her fill with anticipation as she turns the pages.  Will the kids make it to the witch’s house?!  I don’t know, we’ve only read this book 100 times!  So far, nothing has changed, but turn the page, baby – maybe something scary will pop out this time!  Like that witch Christine O’Donnell or her friend Sarah Palin.  Oooooooooh!  Frightening.

3.) Download some ghostly Halloween sound effects and music to set the mood.  The Holiday Spot has some ghoulish sounds you can download for free (I did, no bugs, you’re safe) and fun midi tracks you can sing along to, like the Ghostbusters theme.  Print the lyrics and have a karaoke party!  Other fun Halloween songs are Monster Mash, The Addams Family Groove, The Purple People Eater, Witch Doctor, Poison Ivy and of course, Thriller.

4.) If you’re looking for Halloween printables, such as coloring pages, word search, games and more, check out this Disney site, featuring a nice assortment of activities that should keep your kids busy in between parties and outings this weekend.  Don’t forget to follow the safety rules when trick-or-treating (hold hands and bring a flashlight or wear reflective clothing) and have a blast!  Boo to you and yours!

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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