Halloween Costumes: 10 Most Questionable Costume Choices for Kids

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I don’t know about you, but I have found myself, over the years, being appalled by the Halloween costumes being sold to kids. And now it’s that time again, when the new models, and some inappropriate oldies, come back into the racks of Halloween stores far and wide.

One trend that has upset many a parent in past years, and which will happen again in 2011, is the sexiness of the costumes made for their little girls. There are outfits that seem more appropriate for street walking than trick or treating. Others just are totally wrong. Maybe I’m just too much of a prude, but check out these 10 costumes and see if yourself. Along with some of the offering sold this year, I’ve added a couple totally crazy home made costumes worn in years past. Which one do you think is the worst?

  • Monster High Doll Costumes 1 of 9
    Monster High Doll Costumes
    Have you seen the Monster High Dolls? It's a cute concept, but the dolls are not only way too skinny but their outfits are way too skimpy. Playing with one of the dolls is one thing but dressing like one? That another.
  • Can Can Dancer 2 of 9
    Can Can Dancer
    Can Can dancers are for adult entertainment. They are form of Burlesque. Having your 7-year-old dress up as one? Probably not the best idea.
  • Michael Jackson 3 of 9
    Michael Jackson
    Your kid may love the king of pop, but something about a little kid dressed up as Michael Jackson may make many a parent scratch their head.
  • Hello Kitty 4 of 9
    Hello Kitty
    When one thinks of Hello Kitty, most think, cute, sweet, innocent. This outfit makes Hello Kitty some kind of sexy icon.
  • Queen of Hearts 5 of 9
    Queen of Hearts
    This looks like an ad for some kind of S&M fantasy business, not a young girl paying homage to the Lewis Carroll classic.
  • Mad Hatter 6 of 9
    Mad Hatter
    Another "sexy" Alice in Wonderland outfit for the kids set. Again, this one embraces the fetish feeling rather than a childlike fantasy.
  • Nude Costumes 7 of 9
    Nude Costumes
    Wow. All I can say is wow.
  • Suicide Bomber 8 of 9
    Suicide Bomber
    And the kid just looks so darn happy.
  • Bloody Chicken 9 of 9
    Bloody Chicken
    This one has become a 'bad costume' classic.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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