Halloween Dilemma: When to Let Kids Trick-or-Treat Alone

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At what age did you let your kids go trick or treating by themselves?

This morning, right before we head off to school, my son says, “Oh mom.  I forgot.  [Insert best friend’s name here]’s mom wants to know if he and I can go trick-or-treating for Halloween by ourselves this year.  She says it’s okay with her as long as it’s okay with you.”

It’s Monday morning.  I’ve been gone all weekend.  The house is a mess.  I’m tired, and now a Halloween parenting dilemma?  No mother should be asked such questions on Mondays, especially not prior to 8am.

My husband happens to be standing there, and he says it’s okay with him … wait for it … as long as it’s okay with me.  So everyone else thinks it’s just fine for our 10-year-old boys to go out by themselves tonight for Halloween, but they’re all waiting on approval from me.  The mom with the anxiety disorder.

I know they’ll be just fine.  I’m going to let them do it, of course.  Both boys are wonderful, well-behaved kids.  My son is asking for this little bit of independence, and I need to give him his happy Halloween.  Still, it wasn’t that long ago when he was wearing a fluffy lion costume with footies for Halloween and I had to carry him around because his little legs were too tired to manage all that walking on their own.  Oh my heart!  He’s growing up so fast.

While the boys are out this evening wandering the neighborhood in search of fistfuls of candy, I’ll be standing on the front porch handing out my own, waiting breathlessly for the night to be over and my sweet boy to return home safely.  Please let this be a happy Halloween.

When did you first let your kids go trick-or-treating by themselves?

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