Halloween Fun: When Are Kids Too Old to Trick or Treat?

Halloween Trick or Treat age
Too old for trick or treating?

Halloween trick or treating – how old is too old?

Our middle school aged son has been asking that question, as he wonders (at age 11) if he should be abandoning the trick or treating tradition this year.

Uh… not yet, kid!

Do we really have to put an age limit on fun?

I suppose that having teenagers at the door asking for candy is a downer for some people, but it’s never bothered me as long as they’re dressed in costume. Don’t just show up at my door sans costume asking for treats, okay?

After all, it’s keeping kids out of trouble and if they’re just trick or treating, what’s the harm?

At some point, the allure of trick-or-treating fades as kids age, but it can still be a fun Halloween tradition and fun for older kids to do together in groups.

I recall my interest in Halloween fading as I got older, but then again, I lived in the sticks so hitting a neighborhood of houses wasn’t an option. When I was in high school, I did go out with my friends in one of the nearby neighborhoods and I remember it being a night of pretty wholesome entertainment.

In some areas, however, there are town rules banning kids over a certain age from participating in trick-or-treating. Still others have early evening curfews to keep older kids from even entertaining the idea of going door to door for treats.

I don’t intend to squelch my kids’ interest in trick-or-treating any time soon, but then again, I want my kids to stay young as long as possible!

When do you think is too old for kids to trick-or-treat?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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