Hands Free Breastfeeding Bra Not for Real Moms?

easy-expression-emailThe mom world is all excited about a new hands free breast pump that promises you can work on your computer, talk on the phone, get a flatter tummy.

Wait, what? The ads are meant to show how fabulous life can be when you aren’t holding tight to little bottles hanging off your boobs. But just take a look at the “mom” testing out the new device, and tell me if you remember looking anything like her when you were breastfeeding.

Not an ounce of fat on her – and nary a stretchmark to boot.

Glamour got a lot of credit in the last few weeks for finally adding a model who has eaten a sandwich to their pages, featuring Lizzi Miller, belly pooch and all in the buff. It was a one-off, and the fact that she’s still considered “plus size” drove the rest of us real plus sizers a little batty. Still, Glamour got a shot in the arm from sales to women who look like they’ve had a few kids – and recognized themselves in Miller. And Glamour wasn’t actually marketing specifically to moms.

Easy Expression is. Who else is going to buy a breast pump?

easy-expression-coffeeDoes this play into some underlying science that says we need to see the impossible to be attracted to a product? Wouldn’t showing a woman post-birth using a product meant for use in the months after pregnancy give it more legitimacy?

But Easy Expression is try to sell not just freedom from clutching little bottles (look, you can drink coffee again!) but freedom from the drudgery of mommyhood.

Apparently that includes looking like a mom.

Do these pictures bother you?

Images: Easy Expression

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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