"Hannah Montana" Star Mitchel Musso Arrested

Former Disney star Mitchel Musso, who played Oliver Oken on “Hannah Montana,” was arrested last night for allegedly driving drunk.

While driving his Mercedes in Burbank, he was pulled over after driving past the scene of an accident and not following an officer’s instructions.  He was given a blood alcohol test, and was “well over” the legal limit of .08, according to a police officer who spoke with the Burbank Leader.  Musso, 20, has not reached the legal drinking age.

TMZ reports he paid $5000 bail and was released several hours later.

The Hannah Montana cast member becomes yet another in a line of Disney child stars who have run into trouble.  Demi Lovato, star of Disney’s “Sonny With A Chance,” entered rehab last year to deal with stress, exhaustion and alleged issues with eating disorders.  Britney Spears, who was a star of “The Mickey Mouse Club,” has been in rehab and briefly lost custody of her children.  And Lindsay Lohan, who appeared in Disney’s “The Parent Trap,” has had more than a few run-ins with the law, including being charged with theft.  She has already done stints in both rehab and jail several times.

I think if Disney came knocking at my door to make either of my children a star I would close the shades, lock the deadbolts and put a chair under the door handle.  I love Disney, but it’s scary how many of their stars have experienced such difficulty.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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