Happy (Awkward) Mother’s Day!

Just in time for Mother’s Day, our hilarious friends at Awkward Family Photos have rounded up some of the most awkward mom photos on the planet.

Awkward Family Photos has reached the point of awesomeness where people are actively trying to take the most awkward photos possible, trying to be included. I have to admit the new book of Awkward Pet Photos has me wondering what kind of awkwardness I can create with our two cats.  Some families have even re-enacted decades-old awkward photos, to show us that they’ve survived the awkwardness.

Don’t forget to check out Awkward Family Photos new iPhone app (coming soon for Android, too) on iTunes.

From everyone at Strollerderby, we hope your Mother’s Day is slightly less awkward than this. Although if is is this awkward, please send your photos in. Because that shizz is hilarious.

  • Showgirls 1 of 15
    Nothing like living vicariously through your child. Next up: cheerleading camp.
  • Seeing Red 2 of 15
    Seeing Red
    "I shall call her Mini-Me."
  • Biggest Fan 3 of 15
    Biggest Fan
    I actually think this mom is kinda awesome. Maybe because I would totally pose like this with a cardboard Ryan Gosling. Hell, I'd pose like this with a cut-out Tom Selleck, too, who am I kidding?
  • Glow 4 of 15
    Props to this pregnant mom for staying in what looks like the world's most uncomfortable pose without falling. My equilibrium was so off when I was pregnant, there's no way I could have even gotten up onto that branch, let alone rocked the orange bikini. Good on ya.
  • Here’s Looking At You 5 of 15
    Here's Looking At You
    In the Awkward Toga Party, we have this trio wrapped in mauve-colored sheets. I'm getting a little misty-eyed and nostalgic for 1985 now. Who's up for a rousing rendition of "Sussudio"?
  • In Your Face 6 of 15
    In Your Face
    My premature twins once projectile-pooped onto the wall of the NICU, but I can happily report that I managed to avoid getting pee directly on my face. I'm sure this is a Kodak moment this mom will treasure forever. I'm equally sure this child will grow up to be absolutely delighted that this photo is all over the Internet.
  • Mother 7 of 15
    Nothing says "warm and nurturing" like a family photo where you're perched as far away from your kids' grubby fingers as you can get while still being in frame.
  • Patriot Games 8 of 15
    Patriot Games
    I would like this one better if she had a weapon with her, but it's still pretty kick-ass. I salute you, Mom.
  • Queen Bee 9 of 15
    Queen Bee
    I love the look on the older boy's face. He's probably high off the Aqua Net fumes.
  • Sketchy 10 of 15
    The fact that this photo reminds me of John Hurt in Alien only makes me like it more.
  • Women In Black 11 of 15
    Women In Black
    The woman who submitted this photo to Awkward Family Photos said, "This was my sister and mom and I in a dance recital…as ADULTS! We were the Men-In-Black and Mom must have been an alien belly-dancer." I'm going to go ahead and leave it at that.
  • The Manwich 12 of 15
    The Manwich
    I see nothing awkward here. You go for yours, lady.
  • Making Your Phone Awkward 13 of 15
    Making Your Phone Awkward
    Need something to do while you're waiting for the kids to be done with baseball practice? Awkward Family Photos now has an iPhone app (coming soon for Android!), which comes with exclusive Mother's Day cards. You can check it out on iTunes.
  • When words alone aren’t enough 14 of 15
    When words alone aren't enough
    Here's a sample Mother's Day card that comes with Awkward Family Photos' iPhone app. I'm not sure if the floating face is supposed to be the mom's evil twin? All I know is that this would have scared the bejeezus out of me if I were the little girl in that photo.
  • Ooh, my pets are totally awkward too. 15 of 15
    Ooh, my pets are totally awkward too.
    Is it weird that I now kind of want to take photos like this of our family with our cats? Maybe we can make it into the next book! Awkward Family Photos' store has both AFP books, including the new Awkward Family Pet Photos book, which would make a pretty awesome Mother's Day present. I'm pretty sure your mom has enough potpourri already. The store also has a fairly disturbing t-shirt that I kinda love.

All photos used with explicit permission of Awkward Family Photos.

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