Happy National Proposal Day?!

Diamond RingIt’s coming! He’s going to propose. It is finally going to happen. These are things that ran through my mind after spending an afternoon looking at engagement rings with my then boyfriend. I was excited. After a few years filled with highs and lows and the decision that life was better together he would finally ask me a very important question, or so I thought. Turns out I would have to wait. Why? Because “National Proposal Day” had come and gone.

Then there was this one time post ring gazing. He told me he had a special date planned. Is tonight the night, I asked myself. I immediately scheduled a last minute appointment so I could get my hair done and went and got a manicure so my nails were picture perfect when he slipped a ring on my finger. But the only question that stood out to me that night was when the waiter asked me if we’d be having dessert.

Had I known about National Proposal Day I wouldn’t have worried about my manicure and insisted on hot wings for dinner. I would have known there’s no way he’s asking. He’s holding out for the perfect day — March 20th. After all, it only makes sense that a guy would pop the question on a day designated for such a thing yet it doesn’t, not even a little bit.

Thank goodness my guy was never privy to this holiday. I would have had to wait even longer for him to pop the question given it had already passed and, like Christmas, only comes once a year. And thank goodness I didn’t know either. Otherwise March 21st would have been National Let Down Day. How many of us have thought our love was finally going to propose only to end the night wondering if Beyonce was at least a little bit wrong? I mean he likes it. Doesn’t he?

I love a good holiday. Another reason to eat sweets and celebrate? Yes please. But I don’t love the idea of a day designated to what some men have said is the most special day in their relationship. The day they finally decide that they are ready to “put a ring on it.”

The excitement and surprise behind a moment we ladies most often look forward to would be lost had it happened on a day someone in holiday heaven thought was appropriate.  And then what happens when you’ve been waiting for him to finally ask? March 20th comes and goes and he can’t figure out why you’re so mad. Because what was “supposed” to happen didn’t.

National Smore’s Day I can definitely be on board with but National Proposal Day? It sucks some (ok maybe all) of the magic out of a beautiful moment. Typically the proposal only happens once so you want it to be special.

One last thing, if you happen to see a flood of changed relationship statuses or announcements on Facebook March 20th don’t comment saying, “He/she must have got the memo” or “Happy National Proposal Day!” There is no need to rain on anyone’s magical parade.

What are your thoughts on National Proposal Day?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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