Harry Potter Newborn Dolls Creep Me Out (Photos)

baby harry potter doll
Baby Harry Potter doll: creepy or cute?

If you have a hungry little Harry Potter fan who can’t get their hands on enough HP merchandise, we think we’ve found the one thing that is entirely too creepy. Even for the most die-hard of Potter fans.

Check out the line of Harry Potter newborn dolls, inspired by the characters in the beloved books and movie franchise. Life-like? Maybe. Horrifying? A bit.

The creepy little Harry Potter baby dolls were available on eBay from artist Tracy Ann Lister.

Let’s begin with the darling baby Voldemort doll. It’s all about the eyes, really. Not a hint of cute, except for that cute jumper! Do not make eye contact with this little bugger.

The Harry Potter doll is vaguely adorable, except, of course, for that fresh forehead scar.

Hermione is the cutest of the bunch, but how could she not be?

Other Potter newborns include Remus Lupin (it’s all about the hair!), Severus Snape, Tonks, and a wrinkly crinkly Dobby!

Do these dolls give you the creeps?

  • Baby Voldemort 1 of 7
    Baby Voldemort
  • Baby Harry Potter 2 of 7
    Baby Harry Potter
  • Hermione 3 of 7
  • Remus Lupin 4 of 7
    Remus Lupin
  • Severus Snape 5 of 7
    Severus Snape
  • Dobby 6 of 7
  • Tonks 7 of 7

Harry Potter newborn dolls on eBay.

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