Healthy Baby Born With 12 Toes and Fingers

Kapolydactylymani Hubbard is the seventh known human to be born with six perfectly functional fingers on each hand. The nine-month-old was also born with twelve toes, but, unlike his hands, his two extra toes were not perfectly formed. So, in a bloodless surgery that lasted only a few minutes, surgeons recently removed the two extra toes to make it less likely that he’ll suffer from foot problems later on.

But the San Francisco baby will keep his two extra fingers, which his parents hope he will see as an asset as he grows up. “Hopefully he’s able to realize what he has and utilize his abilities and become special,” his father said.

Kamani’s condition, known as polydactyly, is genetic. His father was born with nubs of sixth fingers on each hand, which were removed since they would have been nonfunctional. But x-rays show that Kamani’s sixth fingers are no different structurally from the rest of his fingers, so his parents are embracing this idiosyncrasy. Kamani will most likely face some difficulties with other children’s judgment as he gets older, but if he’s able to see his extra digits as an asset, no doubt others will, too.


Article Posted 7 years Ago

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