Hello, Lourdes: Madonna's Daughter Blogs

Is that the REALLY stylish way to wear Silly Bandz?

Ok, I was hoping for a little tell-all scoop on what it’s like to be the ultimate Material Girl’s daughter, too. But mostly, what we have here is a little marketing for a Material Girl clothing line–and maybe the tiniest glimpse of Madonna the Mommy. Or is fourteen just the age when everyone starts letting their daughters dye their hair? The real deal here isn’t that Lourdes–who’s apparently known as Lola–has set up a Blogger account. The “blog” is on the website for Material Girl, a clothing line created by mother and daughter aimed at teens and sold through Macy’s, and much of the blog entry focuses on clothes–why 80’s themed clothing “rocks” and what, in particular, Lola is “totally obsessive” about right now–not surprisingly, something from the Material Girl collection.

So does that mean the whole blog entry is, as Gawker would have it, the product of a marketing minion? Why should it be? After all, while Madonna and family may love to pick up a little extra $$, it’s not like they need the stuff. Why start a clothing line unless Lola was really into it, and why not, if that’s true, let a little of the real Lola out to play? Maybe she is aching to dye her hair and turn 14 and find the perfect pair of sandals now that gladiators are “OUT.” Maybe My Chemical Romance is her favorite band. Granted, it looks like there was some fine tuning at work–it’s a little hard to believe Madonna’s oldest daughter wouldn’t be just a tad more cynical about phrases like “4 realz.”

Mostly, the thought of Madonna’s daughter blogging “4 real” just makes me hope she’ll dish up a little more on life with her famous mom. Don’t you sometimes wonder, as you breastfeed a baby or try to entertain a bored kid on an airplane or pull out a tough splinter, how much of the scut work of parenting a really rich mom, like Angelina or Melinda Gates, really does? If you love your kid, after all, you can’t really outsource all of it. Maybe in another blog entry, Lola will tell us what kind of cereal Madonna pours for breakfast and how she reacts if you interrupt her meditation to ask her if she remembers which ride is your favorite at Disneyworld. I know, probably not. But maybe we’ll find out when Madonna let Lola pierce her ears. That’s something my daughter would love to know.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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