Here’s to Second Chances

My “work mom” always told me that life wasn’t a dress rehearsal. We only get one chance at this gift called life although, sometimes situations occur that cause us to feel like we actually did get a second chance, which is all the reason to make the most of it. But then, there are those things that we do get a second chance at and for those things I am so thankful. The biggest one for me is marriage. I have shared before that with regards to marriage this isn’t my first trip to the rodeo. I was briefly married, but it didn’t last.

Leaving my first marriage was the best thing I ever did for myself and my child. When I left I got my second chance at life and when I met my husband I got my second chance at love.

As the new year comes, many of us are thinking about what we will do differently next year, the experiences we want to have for the very first time, and the things we want to experience for a second time, perhaps even a third (or more). We reflect on the things we want to do better. We think about all the things that went wrong over the course of the year and also all the things that went right. In our minds we relive the past 12 months establishing our hopes, dreams, and intentions for the upcoming 12 months.

The last month of this year has been a game changer for me and my husband. We are in the process of making some really big decisions, some tough ones and yet, we look at 2013 with our hearts filled with hope that things will work out just as they always have. We know that the change of our calendar from December 31, 2012 to January 1, 2013 symbolizes so much, particularly another chance to make the most of life and our time with each other and our children.

I am grateful for my second chance at love. I am grateful for another day in which I get to experience life and all of its glory, even though some days it doesn’t necessarily feel all that glorious. 2013 brings with it new opportunities and experiences and probably some second chances too, should I be so fortunate.

As you look ahead, I encourage you to make the most of the second chances that present themselves to you this upcoming year, whatever they may be. There are some who never got the chance to try again to reach their goals, to repair their broken relationships, to love again. I got my second chance. And so, as we countdown the days, hours, minutes and seconds to January 1, 2013 I rejoice inside for at this moment I feel so blessed, so utterly blessed.

Here’s to second chances and another year to love even better than before. Here’s to the possibility that some things are even sweeter the second time around and oftentimes we are stronger, wiser, and especially grateful the second time around too.

Happy New Year!

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